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Romexus reviews Borderlands (X360)

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Romexus said...

Borderlands offers players a unique experience that reminds me of Diablo II. This game puts the emphasis on weapons...thousands upon thousands of weapons. With randomization at the heart of each weapon, players can obtain firepower of unthinkable proportions capable of clearing an entire squad of bandits or creatures. The weapons which can be found through the game vary in size in strength from pistols to futuristic alien arsenals. Some of these randomly generated weapons have insane characteristics such as a shotgun which shoots rockets...three rockets per shot actually...and electrocutes you which is not something I would particularly like to be on the receiving end of.

It offers a challenging storyline that adjusts to the players level and has some of the best download content available for extra hours of gaming. Unfortunately some of the missions become a bit repetitive with a straight forward "fetch this and get some cash" approach. The humor sprinkled in compliments well to the wasteland and goes well to separate the head-shots and roadkills you will rack up along the way.

With four distinct character classes, the multiplayer aspect allows for gamers to experience teamwork and grind together toward a common goal. The ability to share quests/tasks promotes online cooperation and the sheer firepower unleashed by a team of four players working together is quite impressive and highly encouraged due to the boost in loot and experience earned.

Overall I would recommend Borderlands for the unique guns blazing approach and addictive gameplay.

Game Traits applied to Borderlands (X360) by Romexus

  • The Setting:
    Desert planet
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    FPS RPG Hybrid, FPS
  • General Tone:

Borderlands (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 20/OCT/09
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