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Romexus reviews The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)

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Romexus said...

To say anything contrary to this creation by Bethesda would be blasphemy. Despite being several years old now, Oblivion still looks great and plays amazingly with an extensive universe and countless exploits to occupy your time...a few hundred hours if you are not careful. Open world experiences that are done this well do not come into the market often and this is a critical piece of gaming culture that ANY gamer should experience. Countless opportunities to adventure outside the beaten path gives players a true sense of freedom. The advanced AI and interactive questing system was ahead of its time and the add on content further enhanced this shining gem. While I could go on about the numerous high points in this title it would be much better to just go experience it yourself. Thinking back at how good this game STILL is makes the wait for the new addition from Bethesda (Skyrim) an awful long wait.

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    open world, RPG, Action-RPG
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 21/MAR/06
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I am getting extensive hitching, did you get this at all?
Hitching? Not sure what you mean.
frequent drops and pauses in the framerate. everything just stops, rather frequently, for a few seconds at a time.
The wait is almost over. Here's hoping it was worth it.
Sounds like an issue with your own compute Rawk, I never had that issue on PC or 360.

Also the large modding community probably helped it stay alive :P
I did notice some hitching when in grasslands about to get murdered by mountain lions. Other than that I had pretty consistent framerates. I might have to fire up Oblivion again in preparation for Skyrim....
Agreed, although mine has been more of a slight sluggishnessn in heavily grassy areas (of which there are plenty). I ended up turning off the grass altogether; although maybe I should have modded in a riding lawnmore mount (Lawnmower Simulator 2012 coming soon!). I felt trading a small amount of realism for the ability to find my arrows (it was like looking for your golfball in the woods) and make the farmable plants stand out much more clearly was a good move for me. I'm a packrat and HAVE to pick up everything I see along the way, whether I really need it or not because you never know when/if your actually GOING to need it. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway :D
I find myself doing the same thing hah. I also wanted to have the most decked out character possible...so I tailored his stats and spent hours casting the same spell, using the same weapons, and getting the hell beat out of me while I sat there with my trusty shield. Worth it? Well I could kill an entire town and jump onto buildings with ease at the end...and run at almost horse speed. I am looking forward to doing the same in Skyrim.
I still remember all the cheat codes that I ever used because I kept restarting Oblivion :P

player.additem 0000000F (If you know that one, high five :P)

and like 20 more xD
Only PC game I've ever had to rig up a weight for to keep a button pressed down, and then have to walk away for several hours. Restoration as a minor skill = PITA. I'm really hoping I don't have to spend an hour every level juming up and down hills, or sneaking into a wall, or like you, being a punching bag for a mud crab just so I don't screw myself out of stat points lol.
Rubberbands around controllers ftw haha. I remember all those "great" times. In the end it was nice to be able to steamroll everyone though. Ironically on my travels I found a ring that gave me +10 to all stats. I couldn't believe the boost that monster gave.
I never really bothered with min maxing my characters stuff, I just automatically went about my buisness, using spells as I saw fit.

Also I think there is a mod for the PC that automatically makes it +5 for the skills whose governing attributes you use. So if you use Restoration, Willpower gains a +5 boost already instead of having to spend time using heals as a minor skill.
IIRC the mobs and treasure capped out at ~30. Getting my toon to 43 wasn't so much about being uber so much as seeing if I could I do it. Fortunately, there was plenty to do along the way so boredom was never an issue (although I still have YET to touch ANY main story quest after leaving the sewers).
That +5 mod sounds like a nice time saver, but I started those PITA skills after I had capped out. The spells I wanted to use required ~75+ skill points so grinding was the only option. That, and I had capped before I decided to take the plunge into modding. I got pretty heavy into it and burned after spending ~3x more time trying to squeeze more perfection out of the game then I had actually been playing. Every time I went to TESNexus to find a fix or an alternative to one mod, I always ended up running across something else that looked really cool, and tried to add it -.-
I need to go back when my 5th Anniverary Edition finally arrives and clean out my mod collection and follow my Fallout 3 philosophy of just using mods that improve or fix annoyances. It should be VERY interesting following the mod community when BS releases a CS for Skyrim. From what I've seen so far, a lot of mods from Oblivion became part of the core gameplay in Skyrim (Deadly Reflex finishing moves and Unnecessary Violence / Sephiroth dual wielding come to mind).
One thing I'm really looking forward to seeing though, is whether they improved horses. I HATE the horses in Oblivion. From what I've seen I seem to be the only one that noticed that the horse's eyes bulged unnaturally out of their sockets, as I could never find a proper fix.

There you go and yes, the horses sucked in Oblivion, more so the eye colours >_<
I used (and adjusted) slof's horses so I got some pretty nice eyes.. that is until I messed up my save and made them disappear altogether O.o (you see i'd been through the desert on a horse with no eyes, it felt good to be out of the... wait a minute...). But being able to look my horse in the eyes without him turning his head...maybe ill add fixing that to my bucket list. The skyrim horse was a marked improvement, and I hope they spent a little more time after that demo polishing it up. I was quite happy to see that they improved the turning ability rather then leaving it feel like driving a hummer with no power steering.

...I wonder how long it will take before Dragonlances are modded into the game >;)
@Ravenknight816 Oh lordy Dragonlances? That will end badly xD

Then again they already made flyable dragon mounts in Oblivion so this could get weird xD
Eh, Akatosh Mounts were novel, but the strain it put on the system was enormous. It's currently on my chopping block. And you're right, introducing dragonlances WILL end badly.. for the dragons! (>-.-)>----->
I think your character is already OP enough without dragonlances :P
My issues were actally on 360. No idea why. Seemed to get better when I started over.
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